Thursday, July 13, 2017

Motorcycle Technology

Honda has invented a motorcycle that will not fall over.....


Friday, June 30, 2017


1867 - 2017
The official emblem of Canada's 150th Birthday - a Maple Leaf with 13 diamonds representing Canada's Provinces and Territories. The 4 red diamonds represent Canada's initial provinces at Confederation. (Following several constitutional conferences, the 1867 Constitution Act officially proclaimed "Canadian Confederation" on July 1, 1867, initially with four Provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.) 
Jack is all set - let the Celebrations begin  :)
House is ready....
Yardkidz are ready....
SaucyKod is almost ready, I will be dressed in RED and White tomorrow :)


Monday, June 19, 2017


Ministers Island crossing in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.
Jack loves the beach. This is a great place to explore,
lots of shells, beach treasures and sand-dollars.


A lovely brook runs in back of the Axe Factory here in town. 
Also a great place to fish. I saw fiddleheads growing alongside the brook. 
Did not pick them, as they are making their first appearance here, so
should double next year if plants stay healthy.  :)


Warm woolly sweaters, winter jackets n toques - 
 the severe chill takes your breath away  as we played
on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.


 The weather in March changed several times - snow, more  snow, rain, freezing rain, more snow again and then - WARMTH AND MELTING.

Catching Up....February

 Middle of February - 
Complications with rotator cuff, making some headway
due for Cortisone shot this coming Wednesday. Yay !
Jack loves the snow :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Beam of LIght....

I am a morning person.....always have been. My morning starts early, before the sun comes up. I love to watch the sun rise. First chore is to let Jack out and then make Jack's breakfast. I make myself a cuppa coffee, open the window blinds, sit in my chair and watch the sun rise. The thing I like about sunrises, is that you never know what colour the sky will be, or how the colour will spread. I caught a nice surprise the other morning with this beam of light. It only lasted for a few seconds and I was able to capture it. This is the type of morning that just adds a smile on my face and makes my heart warm.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

RMR: Seven Day Forecast

"RMR" (Rick Mercer Report) 
Rick Mercer, born in a small town In Newfoundland, is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist and author. He is best known for his work on CBC Television comedy shows....."This Hour Has 22 Minutes".....and "The Rick Mercer Report". He is the author of three books, based on content from the television shows.
Mercer has received more than 25 Gemini Awards for his work on television. I can tell you he has entertained our household for many a year. I really enjoy his "Political Rants".....he knows how to call a spade a spade and at the same time make you laugh out loud, making his point very well known.
Living in a very cold climate, this Seven Day Weather Forecast episode, is just how we look, react and laugh at the weather. I am sure there will be those of you that relate to this easily.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dec 31, 1929

DECEMBER 31, 1929
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians play the New Year's Eve celebrations at New York's Roosevelt Grill, beginning an annual tradition that would last thirty-three years.
The broadcast of the Royal Canadians' yearly performance at the Roosevelt Grill (and later in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria) became a traditional part of New Year's Eve festivities throughout North America.
At the time of Lombardo's death in 1977, he and his Royal Canadians had released over one hundred records, with recordings of "Winter Wonderland," "Easter Parade," and "Humoresque" selling over one million copies. However; no song was more enduring than "Auld Lang Syne." Lombardo's version is the one that still plays in Times Square after the ball drops on New Year's Eve.
JANUARY 1, 1947
The first official Canadian Citizenship Ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario, in January, 1947. The Canadian Citizenship Act comes into effect under Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King's Government. 
It was the first Nationality Statue in Canada to define its people as Canadian rather than as British subjects. Among other things, the Act guaranteed all Canadian citizens right of entry into Canada, regardless of their country of origin, and gave married women full authority over their nationality status, independent of their husbands. Subsequent legislation would standardize and modernize the processes and rules for gaining citizenship.
With the passing of the Act..... Children born abroad to Canadian fathers or unwed Mothers were given Canadian citizenship. Immigrants of "good moral character" who knew some French or English could apply for citizenship after five years in Canada. Immigrants who had served in the Canadian Armed Forces in the First or Second World War could apply for citizenship after one year in Canada. 
The first citizenship ceremony took place on January 3rd, and Prime Minister Mackenzie King was among the first twenty-six people to receive their certificates. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Furry Greetings.....

Thinking of all my furry pals, family and friends. 
Have a pawsatively.....  Merry Christmas. 
May each and every day ahead "SPARKLE" -
with happiness and new surprises.
Puppy Jack & Family

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

A long time ago in Germany, there was a poor widow who lived in a small house with her sons.
One day a pine cone fell in the yard and a tree began to take root. The tree grew into the loveliest tree they had ever seen. The children were excited to have a tree for Christmas, but were saddened when they realized they could not afford to decorate it. They could however, brighten up the house with the tree. They removed all the pine cones and replanted them all around the house, as far as they could.
The Mother had cleaned her small house the best she could finding cobwebs in corners although she had missed a few. The tree was placed lovingly in the corner of the room and the olde Mother admired it, with the little bit of paper ornaments the children had made. She hung their socks on the fire place and retired to bed.
In the excitement of having their webs almost gone, the spiders had fled up to the attic to escape the broom. On quiet Christmas Eve, the spiders slowly came down for a peek. "Oh, what a beautiful tree", the exclaimed!
As the family slept, a group of spiders spread the tale to their friends and upon hearing about the plight of the widow and her sons, decided to decorate the tree themselves. 
They spun their fine webs and made the tree even more beautiful.  In their excitement to finish,  they scurried up and out along each branch. They were filled with happiness as they climbed amongst the beautiful tree. But alas, by the time they were done, the tree was shrouded in their somewhat dusty grey web. They had done their best.
When Santa arrived bearing gifts for the children and saw the tree covered with spider webs, he smiled because he saw how happy the spiders were, but knew how heartbroken the Mother would be if she saw all their work covered in dusty, Santa turned the webs to strands of silver and gold, added some ornament magic and politely asked the fire fly's to flutter brightly- and the tree was even more beautiful than before. The children heard bells, rushed down the stairs - and before their eyes was  - a shining testament to the Magic of Christmas.
The family, took great care of the small tree forest they had so lovingly planted, and every bit around them eventually grew into great beauty as far as the eye could see. They shared the beauty of Christmas with their neighbours, delivering a tree on their doorsteps every year. The family discovered that Santa had placed bits of real gold amongst the branches and everybody lived happily ever after.
That's the story of Tinsel on trees and why every Christmas tree should have a Christmas Spider in its branches.